Sunday, November 09, 2008

Self-centred and arrogant to the last

There are a hundred things that stand out in the last 24 hours, not the least of which is that we have finally divested ourselves of the lily-livered, limp-wristed left-leaning socially inept Labour losers. Of course, I hardly expect John Key and his National cronies to do much better, but who could do worse?

But the thing that really stood out for me was how Queen Helen was self-centred and arrogant to the last. According to numerous commentators, John Key held back a little to allow Clark time to get to her people and make her speech. He needn't have bothered. To her last breath it was all about her. Her announcement that she was stepping down as Labour leader was a guaranteed front page winner, a thunder stealer, and tantamount to packing up her toys and leaving the sand-pit, and thumbing her nose at us all. I didn't buy for a second her disingenous "respect" for the NZ people who voted her out. She hasn't respected us for the last 9 years, and the 20 before that. Why does she suddenly respect us? Yeah right.

And of course, the media bought into it. TVNZ cut the end of John Key's speech to go back to Mark "ooh look at my big moustache" Sainsbury's inane comments. And Queen Helen's sand-pit tantrum made the front page of the SST. I'm sure she rubbed her hands reading it this morning while sipping her breakfast Moet with that awful, arrogant, half-sneer, half-sucked lemon leer she's perfected.

Today we got to see the lefty commentators for what they really are. Whingeing, whining, bitter sore losers, the chief of whom is this guy. You should have seen him on Eye to Eye (I found it kind of pathetic how he announced he was going to be on the show in his blog). He was grunting and scoffing and interrupting and being beligerent, sucking up to Chris Trotter. And don't get me started on Chris Trotter. The Left's 9/11?? Helen lost because men on the right "couldn't cope with the idea of being led by an intelligent, idealistic, free-spirited woman". Good grief. Didn't have anything to do with Labour's sanctimonious intrusions into our private lives? Didn't have anything to do with their wanton theft from hard-working New Zealanders so that their beneficiary buddies (and not only thise in the Green Party) can be kept in hooch? Didn't have anything to do with the snubbing of our international friends, who have been friends for hundreds of years, and the parasitic coupling with cultures and economies that would bleed us dry then slit our throats becasue we are no longer of use to them? No, couldn't be any of that. We just don't want to be led by a woman.

Of course, the clarificatioin of Clark's gender is still up for debate.

Sarah Palin. Now there's a woman "men" wouldn't mind being led by. I could handle watching her on the news every night.


Art Mama said...

Awwwwwww, I like Helen, I think she is an experienced politician and hasn't ruined the country or anything. On the other hand, I am concerned about John Key, his policies are not clear, really it is his celebrity that people have voted for, and the polls: some people want to back a winner, like a horse race. But National worries me. I just can't forget those benefit cuts of the 90s. It made a lot of people suffer, and were those people the least likely among us to have resources to fall back on, including the ability to rise above their situation like our hero John Key has? (He milked that state house kid story for all it was worth). Are the criminals of the day the children of those people who were left with as little to live on as the National government could get away with, or am I being too simplistic???

And what was with that trickle down idea? When the rich gets spare money, they don't trickle it down to their employees or whatever, they go on longer holidays, buy bigger yachts, and dress in fancy designer clothes (from overseas probably). Ie, they get more ostentatious. And how does that make the poor or those without resources feel? How are our crime figures?

We may end up with the rich getting richer, and the middle class getting poorer.

I am concerned. I want my daughter to be able to leave home one day, travel, study, buy a house etc etc. Now we have an inexperienced right-leaning politician in charge of a volatile global economic situation. Let's hope our kids are happy living at home for quite sometime, eh?

peter said...

I agree Helen is a very good politician. Unfortunately to be a very good politician, you have to be completely out of touch with reality and the general public, be pig-headed and arrogant, and be at the very least slightly corrupt.

I think National's policies are very clear, as clear or clearer than Labour's were.

The main problem for me was the ever increasing intrusion into our private lives and the endless regulation by the Leftists - the anti-smacking bill, the EFA, the ETA - regulating our showers (I know that was a beat up, but it's the sort of thing the Left would do)?

And after nine years of spending on things like hip-hop tours and bogun studies, and billions of hidden deficits, I doubt National could do worse fiscally.

I don't necessarily think John Key will rescue us and create a Utopia. I do however, think NZ will be better off with a centre right rather than centre-leftg government.