Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's a rat

A couple of things disturb me about this report.

The first and most disturbing thing is that it is concrete proof of the monster we have created. It's out of control at so many levels that mere humans should be very afraid.

Two men, "stranded" somewhere killed and ate a rat.

Now similar things have occurred a million times over history. But in this instance, several variables have colluded to bring us insight into how precarious our modern civilisation really is.

The variables?

The two men are "celebrities."

There was a TV crew there to record it.

Both of those are players in a ruse so cleverly orchestrated that millions of people suspend their common sense and tune in to see it every week.

The ruse has one sole purpose: to make money (careful lest we delude ourselves into thinking its purpose is to entertain).

Other money making industries have hijacked the ruse and are cleverly using it for their own purpose (which is also to make money).

And all of these money-making industries have such a stranglehold on society that we are slowly losing our identity.

So the RSPCA is all offended because these guys killed and ate the rat. Well, it seems they are more concerned that it was done on TV than it was actually done.

It's a rat. It's a fucking rat. What if the same guys had caught and gutted a fish? Or cut the head off a snake? Or boiled cockroaches in chocolate and eaten them?

Why, if what they did was SO offensive and illegal, did the camera crew not step in and stop it. If it was, as the RSPCA is saying, done for entertainment, the camera crew should be prosecuted for its participation too.

The RSPCA "didn't have an officer" on site because there was no scheduled animal activity (here's a hint at how orchestrated "reality tv" is). I wonder if the RSPCA provides that facility free of charge. Yeah, right.

There's a code of practice for such things? I wonder how much such a thing cost to construct? Lawyers, consultants, media people, RSPCA . . . I'd be surprised if it come out under seven figures. That's a lot of cash.

I'm so sick and tired of this sort of shite. I'm sick of snivelling liberals parading as moral guardians of the universe. I'm sick and tired of weak kneed politicians bowing down to these power hungry, greedy organisations. I'm sick and tired of the rampant commercialism entrenched in our society, to the point that money, profit, and more money is the ONLY consideration in any equation. I'm sick and tired of special interest groups, like the RSPCA, wielding such power in politics and the way society is structured.

And this is the tip of the iceberg.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

I am on record on two things. First, for adoring Marilyn Monroe (nothing unique there). Second, for being completely disgusted by smoking of any kind. I even hate saying the word. Smoking. Eeeww.

The latter is probably a leftover from my childhood where most of my family polluted the house with cigarettes. I don’t remember it distinctly, but I guess the house stunk of it. Did I, having been saturated by second-hand smoke, stink all the time the way smokers do? Eeew.

I think I have an aversion more intense than anybody else, even those annoying ex-smokers who crusade for the abolition of anything smoking related, even human rights. I doubt there’s anyone more disgusted by smoking than me. And smoking pot I find not only disgusting, but pathetic and stupid as well.

So, when the biggest news yesterday was the discovery of an old home-movie of Marilyn Monroe smoking what appears (to the experts) to be a joint, my heart sank.

Not that I didn’t suspect such a thing in the back of my mind. She smoked cigarettes and did every other drug imaginable, so why not pot? But it’s still disappointing to have it confirmed in 3D Technicolor. How can something so gorgeous be associated with something so disgusting? It’s like finding a cockroach I your trifle at Christmas.

I’ve never understood the whole smoking thing. I’ve never done it. Never even seen pot let alone smoked it. Why would you? What kind of mindset says that’s a reasonable thing to do?

I’m not a wowser, and I would defend people’s right to freedom, but there are always limits and conditions on those. You have the right to smoke in my face, but I have the right to punch yours. You have the right to kill someone, but collectively we have the right to then punish you for doing that. You know what I mean, but I digress. In these PC times our rights are being eroded under the guise of being expanded, so good is the political marketing machine.

Anyway, smoking. Eeeewww!

Marilyn’s still gorgeous tho. I’d still jump her, as long as she didn’t want a toke afterwards!