Thursday, December 03, 2009

I am on record on two things. First, for adoring Marilyn Monroe (nothing unique there). Second, for being completely disgusted by smoking of any kind. I even hate saying the word. Smoking. Eeeww.

The latter is probably a leftover from my childhood where most of my family polluted the house with cigarettes. I don’t remember it distinctly, but I guess the house stunk of it. Did I, having been saturated by second-hand smoke, stink all the time the way smokers do? Eeew.

I think I have an aversion more intense than anybody else, even those annoying ex-smokers who crusade for the abolition of anything smoking related, even human rights. I doubt there’s anyone more disgusted by smoking than me. And smoking pot I find not only disgusting, but pathetic and stupid as well.

So, when the biggest news yesterday was the discovery of an old home-movie of Marilyn Monroe smoking what appears (to the experts) to be a joint, my heart sank.

Not that I didn’t suspect such a thing in the back of my mind. She smoked cigarettes and did every other drug imaginable, so why not pot? But it’s still disappointing to have it confirmed in 3D Technicolor. How can something so gorgeous be associated with something so disgusting? It’s like finding a cockroach I your trifle at Christmas.

I’ve never understood the whole smoking thing. I’ve never done it. Never even seen pot let alone smoked it. Why would you? What kind of mindset says that’s a reasonable thing to do?

I’m not a wowser, and I would defend people’s right to freedom, but there are always limits and conditions on those. You have the right to smoke in my face, but I have the right to punch yours. You have the right to kill someone, but collectively we have the right to then punish you for doing that. You know what I mean, but I digress. In these PC times our rights are being eroded under the guise of being expanded, so good is the political marketing machine.

Anyway, smoking. Eeeewww!

Marilyn’s still gorgeous tho. I’d still jump her, as long as she didn’t want a toke afterwards!

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