Friday, June 20, 2008


Is it only me or does anybody else think Angelina is actually a bit ugly?

She may be a nice person (I doubt it though. Are there any "nice" movie stars?), but I'm really tired of seeing her held up as the standard for beauty. What is it? Her lips? Her eyes? I just don't think she's at all attractive, let alone the sexiest, most beautiful woman alive. There's nothing about her I would rate higher than just average. Moslty below.
I’ve totally bought into the PC culture that has seeped into the tiniest cracks of our psyche. I wrote an entry around these photographs, and though I was really unhappy with it, I posted it anyway.

Then I deleted it. What a constipated load of drivel. I was saying one thing while wanting to say something else. I’d like to say I was trying to be nice, but I was really subconsciously being PC. It staggers me how the insidious liberal, PC philosophy has spread, like a virus.

It struck me the other day, nobody gets angry anymore. You’re not allowed to get red-faced, want-to-scream-and-punch-something pissed off!! It seems to suggest a lack of control, an inferior mindset, that you are somehow unenlightened, even barbaric.

Why is that?

Anyway, the photos. Opposite Hagley Park are what used to be stock-yards. I think that’s what the place used to be. Long abandoned, though, and mostly torn down, there remains, behind the fence, a number of these little buildings. They have apparently become a hang-out for taggers, junkies, and other low-lifes.

Out here in the suburbs we don’t like to think that parts of our city are like this. After taking the pics I began to notice just how much tagging there is around the city. It’s everywhere. It’s been in the news a lot lately, especially the guy who stabbed the kid who was tagging. I have to admit I was with Barry Corbett when common sense said that if the kid was not out tagging, he would still be alive. Axiomatic.

I am trying to imagine the kind of person that would hang here. I gotta tell ya, it was broad daylight and I felt nervous being there. I’m a nervous type at the best of times, the sort who locks the car doors when driving in town at night, but I got the feeling that the low lifes who created this place wouldn’t think twice about sticking me with a knife for the three bucks in my pocket. What if they were still here, inside, smoking crack, having sex with one another or doing whatever else they do?

How dare they?

If we could get angry, maybe something could be done about it.

Friday, June 06, 2008

it just sounds right

You know how something “just sounds right”?

I don’t know why these things “just sound right.” Preconceptions? Subconscious? Past lives? Prejudices?

In religious circles there is a thing called the argument from silence. This simple philosophical trickery has created two diametrically opposed schools. One school says “because the bible is silent on this matter it must be permissible.” Easy. The other school, however, believe the opposite. “Because the bible is silent on this matter it must be forbidden.” Easy?

Families have split over this issue. The bible commands “sing to the Lord.” Simple enough, you’d think. However, can singing to the Lord include musical accompaniment? According to one school, absolutely. To the other, absolutely not.


Two rational, educated, honest, sincere individuals can read that scripture and come to completely opposite conclusions about it.

Jesus was silent about homosexuality. (Paul wasn't, tho)

I watched the thing on climate change the other night, the response to The Inconvenient Truth. How the two schools can be so opposed on the issue when making conclusions about the evidence staggers me. I’m not a scientist so I can’t really speak intelligently about the specifics. But, just as it sounds right to me that the argument from silence affirms the permissible, what sounds right to me is that in the entire expanse of the vast universe, our piddly little offering of CO2 (.04%?) cannot be responsible for the climate change supposedly going on now.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

a vote for the underdog

I enjoyed SATC's first television series. It was, like so many groundbreaking shows, edgy and raw and innovative. Alas, as so often happens, as the seasons wore on the dialogue become staid, the characters predictable, the storylines . . . let's face it, dull!

What possible hope for the movie?

Who cares?

So let's get to the only real question the matters when it comes to SATC. Which of the four girls is the hottest?

When I saw the poll on stuff, asking that very question, I thought here's an online poll I could get into.

For me it was a no brainer. I thought I would answer for two reasons. First, because she surely is the hottest, and second, I thought surely not many others would agree with me, so I would give her what amounted to a sympathy vote.

Imagine my shock when I checked out the results of the poll, in which Charlotte was pulling more than 60% of the popular vote. The brunette. The non-blonde.

Of course, Jackie said the guys would like Charlotte because she's the demure one, the frequent damsel in distress one, the conservative, virginal one.

I prefer to think of it as the others are just too skanky