Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crap Government, Crappier Opposition

Hasn't the Labour Party shown its true colours. I seem to remember strong denials from the Labour spin doctors, and even Clark herself, about a possible cushy number with the UN. Now? Clark's in New York for a job interview - a cushy position with the UN. Not only did she run the country into the ground in her 9 years as PM, but she certainly managed to feather her nest for her retirement, didn't she.

And now her sycophant 2IC is leaving politics. Building a house in the Bay of Plenty. Nice for some. Glad our tax dollars have set him up well.

And the political leftovers, Phil Goff and the only other Labour MP to be heard lately, Clayton Cosgrove, are showing themselves to be truly ignorant and out of touch indeed. Goff is criticising the national government for stuff now that is so clearly the detritus of their pathetic attempt at leadership over the last 9 years.

I used to like Phil Goff. Not now. He has taken over the contempt Clark and Cullen had for regular Kiwis. Does he think we are so stupid that we've already forgotten that it was them that got us into a lot of the crap New Zealand is in now? I know some of it is global, but what did they do to protect us from what a lot of New Zealanders KNEW was coming?

They just make themselves look pathetic when they criticise the present government for stuff they got us into. But I'm sure his retirement is secure. His property is secure. His job will continue, probably with a pay rise. His family will have food, and the power bill will be paid.

Why should he give a shit about any of us?

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