Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More driving woes

So, I'm turning out of my street, turning right. There's no give way so the bozo coming from my left and turning into my street has to give way, right? Yes! He's a young punk in a Subaru, and get this - with iPod headphones in his ears. He sails around the corner cutting me off without even hesitating or slowing down. And when I deliver him some appropriate chastisement, HE FLIPS ME!!! Can you believe that? He gives ME the finger, like I've done something wrong!

And speaking of dickheads on the road, just after that I heard on the news that a hundred and something drivers in Auckland had been caught driving drunk. And then follows the usual bleating about how the message isn't getting through. How many hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars over the last 20 years?

Here's a simple public service ad that I guarantee will half the drink driving rate:

If you drink, drive and get caught, on the first offence you will be:
Disqualified from driving for two years (no exemptions);
Fined $10,000 (to be vigorously pursued by the IRD)
Sent to jail for three months.

First offence. No exceptions, no excuses. If you're caught, that's what will happen. Second offence? Twice the above. Third, throw away the key. Let the Bros in PRISON have you for their plaything.

And if our pussy pathetic justice system actually followed through with it, I have to think that would cut out a lot of drivers who are sober enough to think they can get away with it, and even if they are caught the penalties really aren't that harsh anyway. You have to have a dozen convictions before you do any jail time.

If you KILL someone while driving drunk you only get a couple years in the hole. What sort of deterrent/punishment is that?

We need to come down really hard on crime in this country.

Starting with that little toe-rag who cut me off!

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