Thursday, September 03, 2009

Nothing Unusual?

David Bain wants the rifle back, the one that killed his family. Joe Karam says there's nothing unusual in the request.

Nothing unusual? NOTHING UNUSUAL?? OMG!

Everything about the Bain saga could arguably be called unusual, stating with the man's ears, his jerseys, and Karam's obsessive pursuit of Bain's aquittal.

Now he wants some of the exhibits back. Well, fair enough, I guess. But the rifle? It's his gun, says Karam, so he should be allowed it back.

Well, okay. But I think it's a bit much to suggest there's nothing "unusual" about such a request. It's be like OJ wanting the gloves back, or Timothy McVeigh claiming the insurance on the U-Haul.

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Anonymous said...

Surely Joe must know what most other people do..... ?