Monday, September 14, 2009

Send in the marines!

Ahh . . the Undie 500, eh. Just a few lads and ladettes, letting go of the stress of exams, the pressures of lectures. Letting off a bit of steam. Boys being boys (and girls being girls).

Here’s what I think should happen.

The police dropped the ball. Again. It’s not as if there was no warning. And their role was containment only, until it got out of hand. Did anybody – ANYBODY – think it wasn’t going to get out of hand? It should have been shut down before it started, and I don’t mean by pussy council bylaws that said it can’t happen, but are toothless in the actual execution of them. The police, armed to the teeth, and even the army, should have shut it down before the engines started.

Failing that, the police and the army should have been patrolling the streets of Dunedin and arresting anyone who even LOOKED like a student, herd them into a hall somewhere, and held indefinitely while they are processed through the courts.

When the parties inevitably started with those who got through the police lines, they should have been cordoned off, and closed down.

80 arrests? There should have been hundreds of arrest, and every one of them should be:

Convicted to the fullest extent of the law;
Expelled from university for life;
Forced to pay back every cent of student loan they are no doubt owing;
Divested of their passport so they can’t skip the country, and the debt;
Sent to JAIL.

I cannot believe we as a society stand for this sort of crap, this sort of anti-social behaviour. I can’t believe that these idiots will be allowed to be the leaders of this country, as some of them inevitably will be. They will be like Sue Bradfor who in later life has used her former anti-social behaviour as a badge. Just as she should have been locked up, so too should these morons.

Same with the boy racers, and the gangs. I cannot believe we as a society stand for it.

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