Friday, January 21, 2011

Bit of a cynical rant

What's most frustrating is that this is only one story of many similar stories, both in our city and all over this "beautiful" country.

The pathetic weakness of the human body notwithstanding, how come our welfare state will hand out thousands/millions of dollars to lazy, useless, anti-social layabouts who, to supplement their time at the trough, rob dairies, break into cars, and steal christmas presents, but the Coull family has to struggle on one (probably small) salary and fundraisers held by friends?

Somehow it seems incongruous that my tax dollars, hard earned, will subsidise gang headquarters and the methamphetamine trade, but the Coulls are suffering under the strain of trying to feed their kids and get used to the idea that dad might soon be gone.

If it were allowed, I would feel angry about it. But we're not allowed to be ANGRY anymore. Have you noticed how being ANGRY if frowned upon? The people you would expect to show some ANGER at their particular slice of society - politicians, the religious leaders, doctors, mayors, judges - never show ANGER. Anybody who is ANGRY about anything is quickly closed down. Sorry, you can't talk like that now. We're civilised here.

There is still such a thing as righteous anger.

I know nothing about the Coull family, except what's in the article, but I suspect they are examples of the most undesirable of statistics - white, middle class, employed, mortgaged, uninsured (health) and off the radar of any real help from the government.

What scares me the most - in a bout of selfishness - there but for the grace of god go i. These people are fighting on, and so are the people with the brain tumour who are selling the carrot on TradeMe. I feel I would simply shrivel and give up.

I feel for the Coulls.

Go on...send them some money...I know you want to.

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MadKat said...

This kind of crap drives me crazy. I'm going through the same thing...middle class, educated, employeed, under-insured...I have no budget for food. YET, I see people around me (drug dealers and prostitues) who get $300-$400 a month in foodstamps and have their housing and/or utilities paid for. WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE TRYING?!?!?!?!