Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Don't you hate blog entries that aren't blog entries? I felt, since I updated the site slightly, that now the blog is front page I should probably blog more regularly. Can't have a front page unchanged since march 19. What would that say about me?

So I've made a few changes, and the best thing is there's no ad at the top! Yay!

Thing is, I'm not sure many people are looking/reading anyway. There was a burst of activity a while ago, but that's about it really. And facebook posts don't count as blog entries do they?

The Photo News page will let you know what I've been doing photographically lately. So I'm not completely inactive. I do have one big job hanging over me thats not photographic. So I do need to get onto that. Then I'll be able to breath a bit more.

Catch you soon.

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