Monday, May 16, 2011

It's funny what makes you smile...

With all the despair and destruction around, sometimes you forget the little things that are right with the world. So it's funny what makes me smile these days.

On the way home from dropping Josh at school, I caught tiny wee scurrying movement out of the corner of my eye (I'm good like that). So I stopped and watched again. More scurrying. Tiny and brown. Nestled under a tree, hiding ... well, not hiding really, just sitting there, daring me to come closer. So I did. Ever so slowly. I had my phone with me. Of course, I did, it's attached to me.

If evolution is true (which it's pretty much not), humans will one day be BORN with phones as part of their inner-ear structure.

Anyway, I took a few snaps of the little brown scurrier.

And for some reason I just had to smile.

1 comment: said...

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh...thank you for this blog Mr Walker..just seeing the photo makes me smile...Yes take time to admire all the little cute things in life. I think thats why i am delaying putting rat poison in my tarpaulin roof...It's like a Moritz 5 star accommodation for some (or a few) poor wee rats
(who may have really wanted to come into the world as pretty butterflies...but drew the damned rat card.)