Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Observation of Observation

Someone once said We do not see what we see, we only see what we expect to see.

I like to think I'm the observant type. I look around me as I go. I look people in the eye (even those who are obviously trying not to reciprocate). And often I take an arguably juvenile pleasure in seeing those things that others (apparently) do not. I spend my days trying to find those little - or big - things we don't usually expect to see (some of which form the essence of a great photo).

So, when you're sitting at Burger King minding your own business, stuffing your face with hash bites, and you see a woman in the rain drop a ten dollar note in the Countdown parking lot, what do you do? 

Of course, you wonder how long it will be 'til someone spots it. And you get your camera out and wait.

Don't you?

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(I thought about trying to let her know she'd dropped it, but, well, I thought my idea would be much more fun - if it had been a bigger note, my attempt to let her know would have been proportional. Just sayin)

One guy stood ON the note!

Even this seagull didn't notice it

I understand that some (most) drivers wouldn't necessarily see it (Julie!), but I'm pretty sure I'd see it if I was driving over it in a car park.

These people walked past it THREE times!!

Forty minutes, probably fifty cars and about a hundred people drove/walked by, close enough to spot a ten dollar note laying on the ground. As my mother used to say if it was a dog it would have bitten them.

Finally, this guy's mate pointed it out to him and he grabbed it. And with a nice touch he gave his mate a fiver he had in his pocket so they shared the find. Ironically, the guy who picked this up didn't notice another bit of paper that fell out of his pocket as he pulled out the fiver to give to his friend. Luckily, it wasn't a fifty. LOL.


tracey EDWARDES said...

Hilariously captured. Clever idea, I'm going to comb the countdown car park from now on (-: . I'm shocked it was ignored for that length of time- sign of the busy times?. We have found a total of five baby dummies on the ground in various places this year alone...weird... but not even ten cents. )-:

Kristy Hobbs said...

Fantastic writing! Love it!

peter said...

What I found really interesting was that because CPIT is across the road, dozens of students coming to BK for breakfast walked past it too. I'd have thought if anyone can smell cash from 50 paces it would be a student.

Toni Taylor said...

Very amusing ...and interesting :)

Maggie Le Page said...

What an awesome study! Love it! And love your writing, as always :)