Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thought crime

". . . it's just a bunch of hooded up young people doing something dumb."

That's how Senior Sergeant John Robinson describes (Christchurch Star) how six hooded punks terrorised a young couple driving home form a party at 2am one morning. First they threw a brick at the car, narrowly missing the driver's window. When the car stopped, six of the mongrels surrounded the car, intimidating the young couple. They were armed with wooden garden stakes and wine bottles. The young woman in the car feared they were "going to be beaten up."

I suspect she feared worse than that. Who wouldn't in such a situation?

The thing that gets me here is the cop's reaction. Just kids doing dumb stuff.

Can you believe that? That's the reaction of the agency charged with the protection of society. That's what the cops really think about youth crime. Kids doing something dumb. WAY to minimise it, copper!

My son and some friends were parked at Burger King in town late one night, and their car was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of about twenty skinheads who started thumping the car. They broke off a mirror and a wiper blade and made a few dents in the panelling.

Senior Sergeant John Robinson would probably snicker and say "Ahh . . boys will be boys, eh?" LOL

Is it any wonder Christchurch was recently labelled the city residents MOST feel unsafe in?

Apparently, according to Robinson, "youth crime has reduced slightly in the last five years."

It's HEAD IN THE SAND IGNORANCE like this idiot has that enables him to stupidly regurgitate politicians' wishful thinking that youth crime is down.

NEWSFLASH: it's not down, it's just not being reported!

It's not being reported because society now realises THE POLICE ARE USELESS! There's no POINT reporting most criminal behaviour because even if the cops show up, which isn't a guarantee, there's nothing they can do. And if the perpetrators walk into the police station and hand themselves in for being naughty - which is the only way they'll ever be apprehended - the limp wristed pathetic court system can't do anything with them either.

It's not down, it's in the too hard basket.

The young man in the car tried to reverse but the mongrels behind him didn't flinch, and he didn't want to hit them with the car.

Well, I have to disagree there. I think he should have floored it and taken out as many of the little shits as he possibly could. Then gunned it forward to take out a few more. Oops, maybe I'm committing a crime by saying that. Or even thinking it.

The cops can't find the six punks who terrorised the couple, but they'll track me down and prosecute me for espousing an anti-social attitude. Thought-crime.

I can't even really begin to explain how angry and cynical I am about this sort of stuff. But I think so are a lot of people. Which simply feeds a sense of powerlessness, which in turns feeds the egos of idiots like Robinson and those morons further up the chain, right to the Minister. They want us to be terrified. They need us to be powerless. God forbid the "powerless" masses decide NO MORE and start taking matters into their own hands.

Dealing with youth crime and boy racers? Easy when you step outside the stifling boundaries of laws designed to protect criminals. A bit of money and organisation, I can see youth gangs and boy racers gone from Christchurch streets.

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