Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crime watch

It's bad enough when serious crime takes place in your home town (see previous post), but when it happens practically on your doorstep, it becomes even more relevant.

At least this cop seems to be taking it a little more seriously than Senior Sergeant John Robinson of the stupid comments brigade.

We drive through the white trash neighbourhood of Addington a lot, and to be fair I wouldn't walk there during the day let alone walking through it at 2am on a Saturday.

Two of the little miscreants have been charged. Excuse me? Two? There were about ten of them. The cops are seeking witnesses and, presumably, the other eight?

Well, hello! I'm willing to bet the two mongrels they have in custody already know who the other eight are. Why not hang them upside down, naked, and stick little pins in their privates until they give up the names of the others? Jeez it's not rocket science.

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