Friday, May 22, 2009

What up with Idol, Dawg?

What. A. Crock!

If you can't trust reality TV, what can you trust? But it is now evident that American Idol is as manufactured and contrived as . . . as New Zealand's Dancing With the Stars.

I'm incensed.

As much as I love America, the only true Holy Land, I have to take issue with their MORONIC choice for the latest American Idol. Not since y'all shafted that cute little Clay Aiken boy have you engaged in such a monumentally farcical cock-up.

Adam Lambert was so clearly, so undisputably, so unequivocally the far superior showman, artist, and singer that his second placing has to be one of the great injustices of all time. Adam makes songs that SUCK sound good. Face it, some of the song choices were crap. But even the crap songs sounded great after being Adamised. I missed him doing Black and White - caught a snippet of it on the radio - so would love to hear the full version. If we could actually get it on iTunes, I would. When New Zealand catches up with that technology - probably in about 20 years, thanks whoever's responsible for that - I'll grab it.

Talking about black and white. The final song they both sung - No Boundaries? The versions were like black and white, white being pure, pristine, and perfect as performed by Adam, and black being pathetic, pitchy and painful as spewed out by that other guy.

How did he possibly win? How? It is unfathomable. I lost count of how many notes he missed tonight. You could count on ZERO fingers the notes Adam missed. And not only did he not miss any notes, he created some never-before-heard new ones. And Adam's so pretty. How did he not win? It's as ludicrous as Norm Hewitt winning a dancing competition. It's as ridiculous as Paula Abdul lip-syncing a song on stage. God forbid.

I am going to have to seriously reconsider supporting this annual event. I haven't been as disappointed since buying Reuben Studdarts debut (and only?) album. And I haven't been this angry since I missed out on tickets to Paul Pott's concert at the Bromley Working Men's Club.

Go Adam! I still love you. I'm not afraid to admit I think you're HOT! xx

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