Saturday, November 07, 2009

too little too late

I just love all this MP spending scandal stuff. It keeps us distracted from how screwed we really are in this country. As if Hone's jaunt to Paris or Rodney's to Hawaii is even the tip of the iceberg on what's wrong in New Zealand. It's only the tip of the tip.

However, another thing in a long list of things that pisses me off is the faux humility in the apologies, and even worse the all-too-willing-ness of these troughers to pay back the money they've stolen from us and then carry on as business as usual. If we take a conservative approach to how things normally go, if he's paying back the cost of ONE trip he's taken, there are TEN others he's taken that we don't know about which he should be paying us back for. Too little too late Rodney!

Same with Hone.

If I walked into Harvey Norman and stole a $5000 video camera, and was caught with it a few months later, would I just be able to say "Ooh, sorry . . I didn't think I'd get caught. Here's $5000 to pay for it" and go about my business?

Yeah right.

It just highlights how STUPID politicians think we are. "Ooh, gee . . if I pay it back, they're so stoopid maybe they'll forget I stole it from them in the first place."

Take note Hone. And Bill. Sir Roger. And every single other MP, their troughing partners, and their thousands of hangers-on who eat crumbs from their tables. We may not be able to make you accountable, and we may never get any recompense for the millions of dollars every one of you has stolen from us, but please do not delude yourselves thinking that you have any integrity, any human decency at all, or that anybody with half a brain respects you. YOU are what's wrong with this country. YOU are the problem, not the solution. YOU are the stain. You're all mongrels.

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Art Mama said...

What gets me is the fact that Hone didn't even go to the conference that the trip was for. Imagine that, we forked out thousands of dollars for the twerp to go to Europe, (bet he didn't fly economy) and then he fakes a sickie and doesn't go. I don't care that he went to Paris, it's that he faked a sickie to get out of work and still got the free trip. That's all been overlooked by his racist comment furore, maybe that was deliberate??